CLEVA POWER-24V-60AHAGV Automatic truck lithium iron phosphate battery pack


Battery name: 24V 60AH lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery model: CLEVA-24V-60AH
Combination method: CLEVA-26650 19P8S
Nominal voltage (V): 24V
Nominal capacity (Ah): 60AH
Operating voltage range: 29.2V-18.4V
Overcharge protection cut-off voltage (V): 29.2V
Over-discharge protection cut-off voltage (V): 18.4V
Maximum charging current: ≤30A
Continuous discharge current: ≤30A
Pulse discharge current: ≤100A
With load capacity: ≤ 720W
Service life: ≥ 2000 times
Charging temperature (°C): 0~45°C
Discharge temperature (°C): -20~60 °C
Storage temperature (°C): -20~35 °C
Battery temperature protection (°C): 70°C±5°C
Dimensions (mm): 165 (T) x 270 (W) x 270 (L)
Internal resistance of the battery (mΩ): ≤ 100 mΩ
Battery weight (kg): 20kg
Communication function: standard RS485 port / RS232 port
Input port requirements: input and output at the same end, 2 lines, 15 inches long, 6.02 red, black, with 50A Anderson plug (can be customized)
Packaging process: sheet metal paint