CLEVA POWER-L300/500E Portable AC and DC power supply

Cleva Power Portable AC/DC Power System is a portable UPS power system that integrates multiple functional modes. It can be placed indoors or outdoors, and can be selected for solar charging and grid charging according to different usage modes. The system is available with a rated 300W 220V/50Hz AC output for all types of loads and is equipped with 5V and 12V DC outputs for powering consumer electronics and automotive electronics. The system has a built-in high-security battery with a capacity of 500Wh and an advanced battery management system to ensure long battery life and safe use.


Product model naming rules
CLEVA: "Cleva Power" abbreviation
L: ternary lithium battery F: lithium iron phosphate battery
300: AC output power 300W
500: Energy storage battery capacity 500Wh
U: AC output voltage 120V/60HZ; E: AC output voltage 220V/50HZ

AC input
Input voltage range: 88Vac-264Vac
Frequency: 47Hz-63Hz
Rated charging power: 126W
Charging time: about 7.2 hours
AC output
Rated output voltage: 220Vac
Rated output frequency: 60Hz
Rated output power: 300W
Output waveform: pure sine wave
12V output
Output voltage range: DC9V-DC12.6V
Maximum output current: 10A*1 (cigarette lighter port)
5V output
Maximum output current: 2.1A*1, 1A*1
Energy storage lithium battery
Nominal voltage: DC12V Rated energy: 500Wh
Cycle life (100%DOD@25°C): 500 times (the capacity is not less than 80% of the initial value)
Protective function:
Voltage protection: overvoltage / undervoltage protection
Temperature protection: over temperature / low temperature protection
Current protection: overcurrent / short circuit protection
Environmental parameters
Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Working / storage humidity: 10% ~ 90% (no condensation)
Mechanical parameters
Size (L*H*W): 355 × 272 × 106mm
Weight: about 6.5Kg
Performance characteristics
 · Small, lightweight and mobile;
 · Supports a variety of power supply charging such as mains, photovoltaics, and automotive power supplies;
 · AC, DC and other voltage output;
 · High performance, high security ternary lithium energy storage battery;
 · Over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current and other battery system protection functions