CLEVA POWER N2-12V50AH Portable Lithium Battery Pack


Cleva Power Portable Lithium Battery Pack
Battery Name: CLEVA-N2 12V50AH Portable Lithium Battery Pack
Nominal voltage (V): 12V
Nominal capacity (Ah): 50Ah
Maximum charging current: ≤10A
Continuous discharge current: ≤40A
Pulse discharge current: ≤120A
Service life: more than 500 cycles
Charging temperature (°C): 0~45°C; 32oF~113oF
Discharge temperature (°C): -20 ~ 60 ° C; -4oF ~ 149oF
Storage temperature (°C): -20~45°C; -4oF~113oF
Weight (kg): 4.2kg
Battery size (mm): 89(T) x 175(W) x 240(H)
Battery operating voltage range: 12.6V-9.0V
Overcharge protection voltage (V): 12.6V ± 0.05V
Over-discharge protection voltage (V): 9.0V ± 0.05V
Battery temperature protection (°C): 70°C±5°C
Output and parameters: with 4 sections of power indication (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%), power switch, 16# aviation 3 core plug (battery charging / small current discharge), high current positive / negative pole connecting column (red Positive, black negative); with a portable handle;
Battery storage period: 75% power (6 months)
Battery warranty: 12 months (free warranty)
Product features: easy to carry, light weight, high capacity, high platform, long working hours, long life, safety and environmental protection;
Product application areas: electric fish machine, xenon lamp / searchlight, inverter, handheld equipment, communication equipment, wireless monitoring equipment, medical equipment power supply, instrumentation, earthquake relief equipment, emergency lighting / LED lighting, traffic signs, portable Small household appliances, power tools, vehicle backup power supplies, industrial equipment, etc.;
Supporting charger specifications:
12.6V5A lithium battery pack charger
Charger model: CLEVA-12.6V/5A
Input: AC 100V-240V, frequency: 50-60HZ
Output: DC 12.6V, 5A (constant current and constant voltage)
Charging time: 11-12hrs (standard)
Charging adapter LED turns from red to green when the lithium battery pack is fully charged