CLEVA POWER-48V-100AH Lithium iron phosphate battery pack


Product Name: CLEVA-48V-100AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Power Battery Pack
Battery Brand: CLEVA POWER
Battery nominal voltage: 48V
Battery size / model: CLEVA-48V-100AH
Battery combination method: (CLEVA26650 3.2v 3350mAh 15S30P)
Nominal capacity (0.2C 5 A): 100AH
Continuous working current: 80A
Peak discharge current: 200A
Standard charging current: 30A
Maximum charging current: 80A
Battery operating voltage range: 54.0V-42.0V
Charging protection cut-off voltage: 54.0V
Discharge protection cut-off voltage: 42.0V
Maximum load power (kw) 3kw
Charge and discharge port: charge and discharge port, charging port: 16mm2, red and black line length 50cm, with 120A Anderson plug.
Discharge port: 25mm2, red and black line length 50cm, with 120A Anderson plug, with output line length 80cm.
Communication function: RS-485 communication Provide communication protocol
Battery size (mm): H200mm*W365mm*L540mm
Battery weight (kg): about 53kg
Charging temperature (°C): 0°C~45°C
Discharge temperature (°C): -20°C~60°C
Storage temperature (°C): -20°C~45°C
Battery life: 3000 cycles or more
Battery warranty: 12 months
Shell material: sheet metal spray paint black

Second, the charger parameters
Charger model: CLEVA-4850AF smart charger
Rated input voltage (V): 220V
Voltage input range (V): AC 200-240V
Output voltage (V): 58.4V ± 0.5V
Output current (A): 50A ± 5%
Maximum output power (W): 2920W
Efficiency: ≥85%
Shell size (mm): L410mm × W290mm × H174mm
Charging indication: Power LED1: Red LED2: Green light
Charging LED1: Red light LED2: Red light
Full of LED1: Red light LED2: Green light
Display voltage (V), current (A)
Input interface: through IEC standard
Power cord (m): 1.5 m long
Output line (m): 1.0 m long with 120A Anderson plug.
Net weight (kg): about 15kg
Shell material: sheet metal paint
Battery charging time (h): about 2.3h
Features: long cycle life, light battery weight, high safety performance, green and environmental protection
Widely used in: AGV/RGV/MGV automatic trucks, shuttles, fire-fighting robots, electric forklifts, electric stackers, electric industrial platform trucks, robots, low-speed electric vehicles, old scooters, four-wheel electric vehicles, communication equipment , medical equipment, solar street lights, household energy storage, energy storage power stations, etc.