Cleva Power-12V-40AH Low temperature lithium battery pack


Battery Name: CLEVA-12V-40AH Low Temperature Power Lithium Lithium Battery Pack
Battery model: CLEVA-12V-40AH
Nominal voltage (V): 12V
Nominal capacity (Ah): 40AH
Operating voltage range: 12.6V-7.5V
Overcharge protection cut-off voltage (V): 12.6V
Over-discharge protection cut-off voltage (V): 7.5V
Maximum charging current: ≤20A
Continuous discharge current: ≤20A
Pulse discharge current: ≤60A
Maximum load power at room temperature (w): ≤200w
Low temperature maximum load power (w): ≤150w
Discharge performance at different temperatures:
(charge and discharge at 0.5C, discharge capacity / nominal capacity × 100%)
 ≥95% at 45 °C;
≥100% at 25 °C;
≥90% at 0 °C;
≥75% at -20 °C;
≥55% at -40 °C
Service life: about 1000 times @100%DOD
Charging temperature (°C): -20~45°C
Discharge temperature (°C): -40~60 °C
Storage temperature (°C): -40~45 °C
Battery temperature protection (°C): 70°C±5°C
Dimensions (mm): 80 (T) x 130 (W) x 195 (L)
Internal resistance of the battery (mΩ): ≤ 120 mΩ
Battery weight (kg): about 3kg
Input port requirements: input and output of the same port, red, black, 2.5mm2 line exposed line length 35cm.
Packaging process: epoxy board + PVC
Features: good low temperature performance, long cycle life, light battery weight, high safety performance, green and environmental protection
Widely used in: AGV automatic handling robots, special robots, cold chain storage equipment, mobile towers, wireless monitoring equipment, mining equipment, oil extraction equipment, medical equipment, machinery, instrumentation, communication equipment, communication base stations, solar energy Street lamps, solar energy storage, energy storage power stations, power tools, electric vehicles, etc.